April 12, 2022

Real Baccarat Data – Set 001 [Shoes #1 – #5] Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first set of ‘Real Baccarat Data’ which consists of Shoes #1 – #5.

Real Baccarat Data

Real Baccarat Data are real baccarat results recorded from real land-based casinos.

These data sets are ideal for players to use for testing baccarat strategies and also for practice.

Please note that TIE games have been omitted from these results because primarily these data sets are targeted at players who are using either ‘The Baccarat Code’ or ‘F-15 Baccarat’ strategies where TIE games are ignored and are of no consequence.

Real Baccarat Data are presented just like our eBooks. The pages can be flipped manually or you can use the auto-flip feature which has been set to turn the page after 20 seconds.

This is ideal for players to train themselves to make a bet selection decision within 20 seconds just like in real life when you play at the tables.

More sets will be added as we format them for upload.

Each set consists of 5 unique shoes (averaging approximately 60 games per shoe) and you can access them after you log in.

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