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If you do, let me introduce you to your new BEST FRIEND - BART! is an online platform designed to assist those playing at an online casino. All you need to do is enter the results of each hand being dealt and BART will forecast the next outcome for you! BART will also give you 4 trending charts to help you gauge the next outcome. You can either bet with or against BART's forecast, depending on how the trending signals present themselves, but the final decision is still yours.
Baccarat at online gives players a real fighting chance when playing online. Online gambling is extremely fast and players do not have time to do any manual recording or analysis before placing their next bet. You literally have seconds before the cards are dealt!

With BART, you get a forecast PLUS 4 trending charts to gauge the next bet.

BART's forecasting accuracy for each session falls under 3 scenarios:-

  1. BART forecasts MORE WINS than LOSSES
  2. BART forecasts more-or-less EQUAL WINS and LOSSES
  3. BART forecasts MORE LOSSES than WINS

And the fascinating thing is this; if the scenario is 2 then you will neither win nor lose much. However, in scenarios 1 and 3, you can leverage the trends forecasted to come out on top almost every session if your session target is small. And this is achieved with just flat betting!

In scenario 1, you simply follow what BART tells you to do and you can secure anything from 4 to 20 unit wins! In scenario 3, you can still secure decent wins by simply betting opposite to BART's forecast!

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