June 28, 2022

How to Apply ‘Virtual Gains’ in Baccarat

Baccarat Table Layout

Don’t know what ‘virtual gains’ are?

Let’s use an example to illustrate.

With baccarat, the even-money bets are BANKER or PLAYER (except for BANKER winning on 6 with no-commission baccarat).

And let’s assume you decide to use ‘The Martingale’ money management strategy where you double after every loss until you win.

Let’s see what happens, starting with 1 unit bet:

Spin-#        Bet Units        Result        Overall Balance

1                      1                    L                       – 1

2                      2                    L                       – 3

3                      4                    L                       – 7

4                      8                    L                       – 15

5                     16                   L                       – 31

6                     32                   L                       – 63

7                     64                   L                       – 127

8                    128                  W                      + 1

So, in the above table, to play 8-steps of Martingale will require a bankroll of 255 units to secure just 1 unit with a win within 8 bets.

What are you going to do if you only have a bankroll of say, 50 units? You can only go as high as step-5 but step-5 is not always sufficient to secure a win.

This is where ‘virtual gains’ can help you.

What you do is wait for 3 paper losses before you start betting your 1st step.

So, wait until you have 3 x Ls

Then start betting with 1 unit, doubling up each time you lose until you get a win.

With this strategy, the 3 x Ls are referred to as ‘virtual gains’.

You gained 3 steps by waiting for 3 x Ls to appear and therefore artificially giving yourself 8-steps instead of just 5-steps with your limited bankroll.

The disadvantage of this strategy is of course you will lose out on all the wins between step-1 and step-3.

So, will you try this strategy?

I suggest you get hold of some session data and check it out!

If you feel it can work for you, great!

If not, it doesn’t matter, you can use this approach to think about how else you can maximize your wins!


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