October 31, 2019

Baccarat Dynamic Lines of Symmetry

Baccarat Dynamic Lines of Symmetry

Announcing the immediate availability of the latest publication: ‘Baccarat Dynamic Lines of Symmetry’.

What is Baccarat about if it is not about ‘patterns’? Players are forever scrutinizing LED screens and their cards to see if they can extract useful information from the data to help them with the next bet selection.

The usual primitive approach is to look at how many times BANKER or PLAYER have come up consecutively, or how many times they have zig-zagged and then make a decision as to whether the current trend will follow suit.

In ‘Baccarat Dynamic Lines of Symmetry‘ I have gone deep and leveraged ‘Dynamic-D1’ values to identify simple but extremely powerful lines of symmetry that offer far more insight than just counting how many BANKERS or PLAYERS have repeated or skipped thus far.

This new and unique approach has become my go-to approach whenever I play baccarat and it has allowed me to easily secure an average of 5 units per session or 50 units a day – playing 10 sessions. A ‘session’ is NOT playing a complete shoe – some sessions are over within the first 15 – 20 hands dealt!

highly recommend all baccarat players get a grasp of this approach which is highly effective.


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